Yodfat Flower Bulbs Nurseries is a large and well-established flower bulb nursery. We are the leader in
Israel for flower bulb breeding and production for over 40+ years. Our diverse activities include field
grown flower bulbs, and seed hybridization and production in greenhouses. From greenhouse, then field,
and to our modern bulb processing packing facility, each step of bulb production is directed by an expert
team of dedicated staff.
Yodfat is an agricultural cooperative with over 400 hectares of land in cultivation. Additional to flower
bulbs, other field grown products include avocado, olives, vegetables, as well as a free-range cattle farm.
The Yodfat family of employees is 40 people, each specialized in their expertise. Seventy percent of our
flower bulb production is for export.
Yodfat’s hybrid anemones: Jerusalem, Galilee and our newest series ‘Meron’ are all hand-pollinated, and
grown on site. They are favorites of cut flower growers around the world – Europe, USA, Australia and
New Zealand. Research and development for new varieties is our top priority as this ensures the dynamic
future of Yodfat! Presently projects include introducing new colors of Anemone coronaria, Cyclamen
persica, and Ranunculus hybrids. We also grow top varieties of Narcissus (paperwhite) bulbs: Ziva, Inbal,
Ariel, Nir, Galilee and Chinese Sacred Lilies.
Domestically, we have a premium mail order program to enthusiastic gardeners throughout Israel,
supplying a wide assortment of flowering bulbs and seeds. All orders are delivered with comprehensive
growing instructions from planting of the bulbs to harvesting the final cut flower. Whether you are an
established grower or a new comer to the trade, Yodfat Flower Bulbs Nurseries and our know-how are here
to support your project to a great success.